1985: Started programming a turtle to draw shapes on a ColecoVision, I was hooked.

1991: Used QBASIC to create a text-based RPG. It was terrible, but amazing for 13 years old at the time.

1996: I wanted to run a business like my father, tried to get into auto-detailing. It failed.

1998: Had an opportunity to chase a dream of opening a vintage supper-club, featuring big band performances. It lasted a bit, but failed.

1999: Founded my first web development company to avoid independent contractor tax-hits. Worked well. Was all-in on technology.

Fast forward to 2021: Business intelligence, data aggregation, software/web/mobile application development is my jam. I’ve been a network administrator, network security administrator, software engineer focusing on process automation, web designer, web developer, user interface and experience specialist, revenue strategist, consultant, CEO, CTO, product developer, project manager, AGILE development scrum master, and all-around anything dealing with creating something from nothing but ideas. I’ve automated people out of jobs, I’ve enabled companies to exponentially grow by increasing their revenue, and now I’m working on an automated trading algorithm that uses sentiment data and market analysis to turn profits from exchange activity in the cryptocurrency markets.

My social network: SynQ

My software development company: Craft & Logic

My failures: Decibol, Wisdom, Aten Syndicate, Digithrive, CryptoSyndicate, KanbanUp, Club Topsy, Brebus.

  • Network Security

  • Systems Administration

  • PHP/Python Back-end Development

  • MySQL/RDS Database Architecture

  • Vue.JS/jQuery/Sass Front-end Design

  • User Interface/Experience Optimization

  • Revenue Strategy/Business Intelligence

  • Consumer Trend/Sentiment Analysis