Overselling Your Start-Up

When pitching your startup to investors, it can be tempting to make your business sound too good to be true. However, overselling your business can lead to disappointment and mistrust if you fail to live up to expectations. Investors are looking for realistic and achievable business plans, not just a flashy presentation.

Here are some tips on how to avoid overselling your business when raising funds from seed and angel investors:

  • Be honest and straightforward. Stick to […]
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How to Launch an Online Product

Twenty-five years is a long time to do something; especially on the internet. “Back in my day” we had to use Real Media Encoder on MiniDV footage to compress videos into a handful of pixels so that people with 56kbps modems could watch little moving pictures on table-designed web pages over their AOL or NetZero connections.

Thankfully, technology has advanced and things have changed. Unfortunately, for a vast majority of people looking to get into the […]

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The year is 2008, personal blogs are enormous. Everyone has a website of their own and something to say. If you write it – they will come. Fast forward a few Tiks. Transient social content, shortlived video quips, soundbites, gaslighting headlines, and easy content are where most of the attention goes on today’s internet.

Centralized platforms that monetize user-generated content at scale, providing discoverability in trade for ad revenue and pageviews, took the stage. Now, the […]

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