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Wandur – The Gig Economy

About 6 years ago I had an idea for a gig work app focused on tourism. The idea is rooted in the fact that physically demanding jobs are becoming largely automated or optimized. While automation and quality-of-life improvements in the workforce are great, they also greatly reduce the required personnel needed to operate businesses while still maximizing returns. It’s a problem on a macro scale, and it’s felt in the modern job market constantly.

Gig work […]



The year is 2008, personal blogs are enormous. Everyone has a website of their own and something to say. If you write it – they will come. Fast forward a few Tiks. Transient social content, shortlived video quips, soundbites, gaslighting headlines, and easy content are where most of the attention goes on today’s internet.

Centralized platforms that monetize user-generated content at scale, providing discoverability in trade for ad revenue and pageviews, took the stage. Now, the […]