I’ve been into programming and computers since I was 7…

Since high school, I’ve wanted to be an owner-operator of business. I started an auto-detailing company way back when, then I got into big band and opened “Club Topsy” at 19 years old. By 21, I was the owner of WISDOM, a web design and development firm that, at the time, focused on customized and avant garde web design approaches, heavily using JavaScript and overlays to provide depth to an otherwise very flat internet.

Fast forward to 2020: My interests are computers, technology, and aesthetics (photography and design). I have a laundry list of technology-related skills, and I’ve focused them on two key arenas, cryptocurrencies and start-ups. Currently, I’m the owner-operator of CSQ Holdings (creators of SynQ Suite) and Craft & Logic (purpose-built custom development teams for start ups).

Some might say, technology is my oldest friend.

  • Network Security

  • Systems Administration

  • PHP/Python Back-end Development

  • MySQL/RDS Database Architecture

  • Vue.JS/jQuery/Sass Front-end Design

  • User Interface/Experience Optimization

  • Revenue Strategy/Business Intelligence

  • Consumer Trend/Sentiment Analysis