CSQ Holdings is a successfully funded corporation responsible for the creation and ownership of CryptoSyndicate, SynQ, TraQ, SynQ TEAM, SynQ EDU, and SynQ NET – projects created by Enrique Gutierrez.

SynQ is a suite of applications developed specifically for the cryptocurrency consumer-markets. SynQ, the communications platform; SynQ TEAM, the project management platform; EDU the education platform; and NET, the consumer data analysis dashboard.

CryptoSyndicate is a business intelligence and analysis agency focused on all things cryptocurrency, blockchain, and consumer analysis.

Craft & Logic, Inc was a California-based Corporation specializing in web and mobile application development, user interface and experience optimization, business intelligence, social and search marketing strategies, business consulting, and analytics.

KanbanUp was a passion project created to optimize workflows among production teams. Tired of complex and bloated task management applications for large-scale projects, we set out to create the most optimized user experience for the Agile Development Methodology, kanban.

Decibol, Inc was a California-based corporation focusing on the optimization and process automation expertise of Enrique Gutierrez on the Music Industry. Solving the problems within the music industry are so complex.