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decibol_icon Decibol, Inc (decibol.com) was founded in 2013 as an effort to truly disrupt the music industry by giving a large suite a tools to musicians to turn their music into a potential career. My goal is to augment the use of or eliminate the need for record deals with major labels in order for musicians to do what they love for a living.

Position: Founder. CEO.
Status: Seed round, pre-launch. Public BETA.

Digithrive, Inc

dt_iconDigithrive, Inc (digithrive.com) was founded in 2009. It is an AGILE development shop based out of Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Our focus is early stage start-ups, building mobile and web MVP ALPHA’s and BETA versions of software.

Position: CEO, Founder
Status: Acquired by TPT Global Tech, 2015.


Various active projects include:

TechZulu – http://techzulu.com 
CTO, Partner

Instagramster – http://instagramster.com

AttachmentMedia – http://attachmentmedia.com
Partner, Advisor

Services Offered

Since 2011, I have been combining my background in web development and design, fascination with the psychology of human perception with web interfaces, and analytics to bring clients in varying market spaces business-changing results. Cost: Starting at $9,500/mo with a 3 month minimum, depending on current site traffic.

2011 – On-site advertising & content strategy case study. Revenue increase 5x within 3 months, 10x within 6 months. Optimization of revenue achieved through UI/UX changes via A/B testing, measuring user patterns/on-site behavior, and analytics – on 12 million monthly uniques.

2012 – Funnel optimization case study. Revenue increase 2x within 3 months. Revenue increase achieved through funnel analysis, UI/UX updates via A/B testing – on 7 million monthly uniques.

2014 – Lead Generation case study. Decreased cost of leads by 87%, increased the quality of the leads by 40% within 6 months. Optimization achieved through PPC campaign management, UI/UX modifications via A/B testing, measuring user patterns/on-site behavior, and analytics.

Every new development plan has to start somewhere, and it usually starts with getting the answers for questions like these: “How large is my target market?”, “What parts of my idea would have the best impact to reach them?”, “What other angles and markets will my idea touch?”, “What would it take to develop my idea into a reality?”

As an analyst, I dig in and flesh out these answers, providing you with a comprehensive look at your idea’s market viability, what it would take to get it made, and where you should point to market it to find your Alpha user(s).

Google Adwords PPC Campaign Management – Aggressive ad-buys and keyword fluctuations, ad-copy efficacy testing, high yield results within 3 weeks (on average). Cost: 15% of allotted budget, or $1500.00/mo for budgets less than $10,000 per month.

Facebook Ad Management – Display advertising design, A/B testing, ad-copy efficacy testing, targeted demographic research, budget allocation and scheduling – for site clicks or Page Like campaigns. Cost: 15% of allotted budget, or $1500.00/mo for budgets less than $10,000 per month.

LinkedIn/Twitter and Bing advertising networks also supported. Inquire here.

Hire me and my team of professional developers for your web development and design project. We leverage the latest industry standard/best practices, for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

WordPress as a CMS design and development starting as low as $950.00.

Custom web application development with Laravel PHP Framework starting as low as $6500.00.

Inquire here for more information: Digithrive, Inc.

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Enrique Gutierrez
Technology Consultant