Craft & Logic, Inc is a California-based Corporation specializing in web and mobile application development, user interface and experience optimization, business intelligence, social and search marketing strategies, business consulting, and analytics.

KanbanUp is a passion project from the team at Craft & Logic. Tired of complex and bloated task management applications for large scale projects, we set out to create the most optimized user experience for the Agile Development Methodology, kanban.

Decibol, Inc is a California-based corporation focusing the optimization and process automation expertise of Enrique Gutierrez on the Music Industry. Solving the problems within the music industry are so complex, this project has been in active development for over four years, and it’s release is set for mid-2017.

Zone IV is a new endeavor, founded in part by Enrique Gutierrez, to potentially usher in a new era of entertainment for online video game streaming. Coming in March 2017 to Twitch and YouTube, Zone IV will air three days per week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday) at 1900 Pacific Time.